Low Impact Living – WalkScore.com

One of my personal criteria when looking for a home is a walkable neighborhood.  WalkScore.com is a great resource if you are looking for a neighborhood you can walk.  WalkScore.com gives information about all of the stores, restaurants, parks, libraries, and other services available within walking distance of a certain address.  For instance, the intersection of Broadway and Fifth Avenue in New York City gets 100 out of 100 or “Walkers’ Paradise” as a score, whereas, the house in which I grew up in rural Michigan gets a 0 out of 100 or “Car Dependent” as a score.  There are many levels of walkability to choose from.  I would not want to live in New York City, but I do enjoy being able to walk to the store or a restaurant.

Tucson, Arizona has an average walk score of 55 out of 100 or “Somewhat Walkable.”  Tucson’s Top 10% of walkable neighborhoods score an 85 out of 100 or “Very Walkable.”  That number is good enough for me.  The neighborhood in which I live in central Tucson scores a “Very Walkable” 82 out of 100, which leaves me driving very little.  This gives me an urban feel without living in New York City.

If you like walking as much as I do, check out WalkScore.com before you decide which Tucson Real Estate is right for you.


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