Tucson Neighborhoods – West University Neighborhood

West University Neighborhood House

The West University Neighborhood is located roughly between Park on the East, Stone on the West, Speedway on the North, and 6th Street on the South.  The neighborhood was one of the first areas to develop to the North of the Southern Pacific Railroad in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The residential areas in this neighborhood consist mostly of cottages, bungalows, adobe, duplexes/triplexes/etc., and a many great surprises.  There are also two major shopping areas located in this neighborhood, 4th Avenue and Main Gate Square.

History is brimming in this neighborhood with the Arizona Historical Society‘s Arizona History Museum, the Postal History Foundation, the Old Pueblo Trolley, and the Dillinger House (a house on Second Avenue where the John Dillinger was apprehended in January of 1934).

In addition to history, art is an integral part of this neighborhood, so much can be said about art in the West University Neighborhood that I will save it for another post.  If you are an artist, this is probably the neighborhood for you.

If you like urban living and enjoy walking to stores, restaurants, etc., then West University Neighborhood is an ideal location for you.  WalkScore.com gives this neighborhood an 82 out of 100 for walk ability.

This Neighborhood is vibrant and alive with students.  To the East is the University of Arizona, to the South is Tucson High School, and to the Northwest is Pima Community College.  Within the boundaries of this neighborhood are several elementary and middle schools including Roskruge Bilingual Magnet Middle and Elementary School, Al-Huda School (K-11), and Paulo Freire Freedom School.

The next time you are looking at Tucson Real Estate, have a look at West University Neighborhood.  You’ll be glad you did.

West University Neighborhood Landscaping


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