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Keep It Simple

“Keep it simple” when remodeling your Tucson Real Estate. I recently had an interesting conversation with another real estate professional who had purchased some real estate to fix up. After sinking more money into the project than was planned this person discovered that there was no way to make back the money and that the property was worth no more than the less-improved properties surrounding it. Many banks and their appraisers are not taking upgrades into consideration when placing a value on properties. They just look at the sales in a neighborhood and determine the price through those as comps regardless of how “nice” the property is.

The important thing to remember when preparing to sell a property is to “keep it simple” and not over improve. The one thing improvements can do for a property in this market is make it easier to sell not necessarily help it sell for more. This is the case most of the time but even more so in the current market with lenders running for the hills to avoid making a bad loan (or sometimes it would seem any loan at all).

Another thing to help you with decisions is “keep it simple” when preparing to sell a property and choose the upgrades that would appeal to the largest number of people. Most people cannot see beyond the pink carpet or orange walls. Neutral colors are better.

It is always a good idea to “keep it simple” when upgrading your Tucson Real Estate. Over-improving and over-thinking will not make you money. Now may not be the easiest market in which to sell but if you “keep it simple,” it may make it easier to move your Tucson Real Estate.